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1. Terms

On this website the words "bank”, “AP Bank”, “we”, “us” and “our” depending on the context are used to indicate PJSC "AP Bank".


2. Conditions

This website is managed by PJSC "AP Bank". Before using this website please read carefully the present Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as Conditions). By visiting this website you agree to these Conditions. If you do not agree to the Conditions, you should not visit the website and not search for information posted on it. All issues and propositions concerning this website should be sent in electronic format via the feedback form on the Contact Us page or in written form to mailing address:

Marketing department of PJSC "AP Bank" 27T Dehtiarivska Str. Kyiv, Ukraine 04119


3. Confidentiality

We respect the right to privacy of each visitor to our website. Our rules on confidentiality, privacy, as well as rules on collection and use of information about users, including personal data, are given in this section.


 3.1. Personal information

By visiting certain sections of our website, we gain access to some of your personal data. For example, in order to answer your questions we may need data such as your name and surname, e-mail or postal address. Some personal information can be collected automatically, including standard information about browser type and -language, time of website visit, and your IP (Internet Protocol) address. We might send cookies to your computer. You are not obliged to accept them. If you do not want your computer to accept cookies, please change the corresponding browser settings.

3.2. Use of website users’ personal information

By visiting this website you agree that PJSC "AP Bank" has the right to use your personal information and/or personal data in the following manners:

3.2.1. transfer information received from you to our contractors and/or other contract partners for purpose of website maintenance;


3.2.2. disclose your personal data: a) upon request of law enforcement, controlling or other government authorities, local authorities, other authorized structures; b) if it is required by law or judgment (decision, order); c) when we consider that disclosure is necessary or reasonable for prevention of fraud or violation of PJSC "AP Bank" rules or its separate subdivisions, other Group members; d) in order to ensure the personal security and safety of PJSC "AP Bank" employees  or third parties, on the physical property of the company;


3.2.3. transfer your personal data if we sell, buy, combine, or carry out any type of  business reorganization. If such action or actions are carried out, it might become necessary to disclose personal information to potential buyers or transfer it via sellers. We will do our best to protect personal information that is transferred during execution of these actions.


3.3. Safety of the information provided

PJSC "AP Bank" takes all appropriate actions to prevent losses, improper use, change or illegal disclosure of the information provided by the user. Third persons, enterprises, institutions, organizations, or individual employees working with the company on a contractual basis, as well as representatives/employees of PJSC "AP Bank", whereof employment duties presuppose access to the information provided by the user, are obliged to keep personal information confidential and safe.


4. Links to websites of third parties

This website may contain addresses of other websites which are already posted in open access format on the Internet and have their own conditions of use. We bear no responsibility for their content and provide links to these websites only for the user’s convenience. PJSC "AP Bank" bears no responsibility for the accuracy of information posted on other websites and their work. In accessing these websites, the user agrees that  PJSC "AP Bank" bears no responsibility or obligations, direct or indirect, in case of any real or possible losses or damages incurred by the user as a consequence of use of information, goods, works or services purchased or obtained in ownership from any such websites. The use of such websites is conducted at user’s own risk and at user’s own discretion.


5. General conditions of website use

5.1. This website provides information free of charge. It provides no guarantees, except for individual cases specified on this website. Information provided on this website is meant for general purposes and is presented to audiences who wish to become familiar with the company and its business environment in regions of operations.  The company takes all reasonable steps to ensure that information provided on this website corresponds to the facts at the moment of posting.


5.2. Except as otherwise agreed on this website, PJSC "AP Bank" bears no responsibility for content or use of any websites or messages sent or received by you.


5.3. All intellectual property rights connected with this website, including (but not limited to) – copyrights, and trademarks, belong to PJSC "AP Bank" by law. No rights associated with its use are granted, except for those rights limited by these Conditions. It is permitted to print or download information and content from this website for personal, noncommercial purposes. It is not permitted to sell, or in any way transfer or distribute information from this website without the written permission  of PJSC "AP Bank". Link to http://www.ap-bank.com/ is obligatory if the above mentioned permit is received. Parts of this website cannot be used as parts of other websites by creating Internet hyperlinks, except in cases of written permission granted by PJSC "AP Bank".

Taking into consideration limitations presented above, downloading and use of pictures and video posted on this website in mass media (including informational online media) to illustrate or highlight information about PJSC "AP Bank" is permitted if there is an active hyperlink to http://www.ap-bank.com/.


5.4. It is not permitted to use this website for any illegal activity, including (but not limited to)  distribution, use, copying, posting or giving permission for obscene, threatening, defamatory, offensive publications; distribution of any advertising or similar material, large size messages, which can interrupt operation of this website or prevent other visitors from using this website.


5.5. PJSC "AP Bank" reserves indefinite and unconditional right at any time and without prior notification to add, change, withdraw information, temporarily or completely stop operation of the whole website, or limit or restrict access to it.


5.6. Accepting these Conditions, the user agrees to reimburse PJSC "AP Bank" for any loss or expenses (including payment of legal services, compensation for material or moral damages as well as damage incurred to the honor or dignity of any individual person, business or legal entity) arising from the improper use of this website or as a result of any violation of these Conditions.


5.7. Any violation of these Conditions gives PJSC "AP Bank" the right, at its own discretion, to place user’s access to this website on hold or block or terminate user’s further access.


5.8. Access to this website is free and PJSC "AP Bank" bears no responsibility for this website, in particular, for direct or indirect damages due to use of this website. User should avoid potentially damaging situations by immediately terminating use of this website.


5.9. PJSC "AP Bank" has the right to change any of the above mentioned Conditions at any time.


5.10. The Conditions as well as content of this website are protected by the laws of Ukraine.





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